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Gallery Hopping: Berlin / Hollywood
This week, we’re heading to Berlin, the mecca of the European contemporary art scene, to visit Dittrich & Schlechtriem. Opening on Thursday is First Works, the first exhibition for the fictional artist collective, Fresh White. French artist, Xavier Stentz is the man behind this pseudo artist group. The sole focus of the show is the famous and mass appropriated HOLLYWOOD sign. This exhibition explores the significance of the HOLLYWOOD sign and all of its many cultural reverberations. Not only that, the exhibition forms only a small slice of an ongoing project surrounding the actual sign. Underlying this entire exhibition is the ultimate goal to repaint the sign altogether, which will take place at the projects end. For now, the three part show, provides a detailed survey of the sign’s history and symbolic status as an emblem of American culture. This show should not be missed!
We would be remiss not to mention these other great shows opening this week!
Beijing, China
Guo Fengyi: LANDSCAPEPORTRAIT at Long March Space
Berlin, Germany
Hans Scheib: Kind sein IM KABINETT Angela Hampel: Zeichungen at Galerie LEO.COPPI
New York, New York, USA
Summer Show | Works on Paper at Praxis


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